Laptop & Software Recommendations

Recommended Specifications for Student Laptops

West Tech will have the latest wireless system. Students will be encouraged to bring their laptops from home to use at school. There will be printing stations available for student use. This high technology environment will enable students to complete and submit assignment electronically, create electronic portfolios, and prepare for college. The information below should assist you in selecting a laptop or evaluate currently owned devices. A limited number of laptops will be available for classroom use and for check out before school, at lunch, and after school.

Other computers not meeting these specifications may work but are not recommended

Software Recommendations

These programs are all free and will ensure that students can view web-based and Office-based documents. Click the yellow links below to get to the download page for each software application.

flash icon Adobe Flash Player Enables user to view Flash files
java icon Sun Java Runtime Environment Enables user to view Javascript files (PC users only. Mac has it's own version already installed on computers)
Acrobat icon Acrobat Reader Allows users to read pdf files
quicktime icon Quicktime Allows users to view quicktime files (PC users only)
shockwave icon Adobe Shockwave Files Enables users to view Shockwave files
open office icon Open Office

Solid and free alternative to Microsoft's Office Suite (If you do not have Microsoft Office then please install this)

Neo Office is another good alternative for mac Users.